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'Put Your Work Style to Work' and Get Organized This New Year

Office Depot and Professional Organizer Monica Ricci Help Business Professionals Achieve Improved Organization

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 9:17 am EST



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DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For those who have vowed to make 2008 the year to finally get organized, Office Depot (NYSE:ODP), a leading global provider of office products and services, is offering its popular organizational plan to give professionals the tools to conquer their clutter. Called Put Your Work Style to Work: The Five Day Plan, the program was developed to help business professionals determine their work styles and put productivity back in their work days. It is available for free download at

While many professionals may find themselves searching for documents or flipping through files from time to time, a new survey conducted by Office Depot found that four out of 10 professionals believe they can achieve their 2008 business goals if they can become better organized in the New Year. In addition, more women (44 percent) cited organization as a top priority over men (39 percent) for the New Year.

Staying organized is a lot like adhering to a diet. Theres no magic pill or single system that works equally well for everyone because different people have different work styles, says Monica Ricci, Office Depot organizing advisor and author of Organize Your Office in No Time. Once youve identified your work style, then you can put into practice a few clear-cut systems to achieve your goals.

Put Your Work Style to Work: The Five Day Plan includes a questionnaire designed by Ricci to help people pinpoint their work style and offers organizational strategies for each of the four main categories: The Go-Getter, The Planner, The Procrastinator and The Perfectionist. The plan, available at, also introduces professionals to the F.A.I.T.H., system which stands for File, Act, In progress, Toss and Hand off, to control paper clutter and increase organizational success.

To get started, Ricci outlines the four fundamental work styles and advises business professionals to play to their strengths using some specific tools:

  • The Go-Getter The quintessential multi-tasker with a million projects in the air, but who does not pay close attention to all the little details. This person needs help streamlining the administrative aspects of their job so important details and documents do not fall through the cracks.

Riccis Recommendations: Stop taking notes on loose pieces of paper, and start using a three-ring notebook to keep all important meeting notes and phone messages together. Use an affordable, leather-bound notebook, such as the Three-Ring Binder from Foray it not only looks good, but the ability to move pages around helps to keep individuals organized. Also, invest in back-up media to ensure important documents arent lost. At a minimum, back-up material on a flash drive, like the Ativa 4GB Flash Drive, which can hold the equivalent of 160,000 sheets of paper.

  • The Planner This person typically has all the answers when it comes to possible contingencies and is on top of big and small details. This is probably the most organized of all the work styles, but there still are some areas to improve upon.

Riccis Recommendations: The Planner rarely makes time to store or dispose of inactive files, keeping information longer than necessary, just in case. Change this by designating half an hour each week for filing put it on the calendar and plan for it. Make use of color-coded files, and remember to simplify the process by using general words as tab headers. Consider using the new secure folders from Office Depot that keep documents contained and prevent papers from falling out. If a file is out of date or unnecessary, eliminate it, but be mindful of confidentiality. Be sure to use a shredder like an Ativa Micro-Cut Shredder to dispose of private files because it shreds documents, CDs and credit cards into tiny, unusable pieces.

  • The Procrastinator Delayed decision making is the name of the game. Individuals who fall into this work style do not get around to sorting through the piles and their offices often look like a warehouse of outdated reports and articles. This work style needs to make the biggest commitment to change, starting by inventing new systems to maintain organization.

Riccis Recommendations: Start with a calendar and make sure to use one like the Mead Monthly/Weekly Appointment Book that keeps track of monthly and weekly schedules in one place, providing a big-picture and detailed view of work schedules. Also consider cleaning the clutter. Begin by investing in Fashion Designer Totes from Office Depot for storing infrequently used documents, which come with a unique re-writable surface that is great for labeling what is in the box and organizing the contents.

  • The Perfectionist They are most comfortable doing everything independently and even though their work products are superb, this approach has its consequences. Professionals who fall into this category have a tendency to take on so much that they can sometimes fall behind schedule and may have trouble delegating to others.

Riccis Recommendations: One time-saving strategy is to find the experts and delegate to them. For instance, stop wasting time on photocopying and binding presentations in-house. Send these tasks to Office Depots Design Print & Ship Depot, where they can turn projects around both quickly and cost effectively.

Ensure that all projects are on-schedule and the team is aware of deadlines by plotting out projects and responsibilities on a wall calendar like the Mead Undated Erasable Wall Calendar. This should be kept in a central office or a common area where the team can update projects and report on progress on the board, keeping everyone involved and engaged in plans.

Additional tips and solutions to get organized can be found in the Put Your Work Style to Work: The Five Day Plan, which is available for free at

About the Office Depot Survey

An online omnibus study was conducted using a national panel of consumers from November 14th through the 19th. Twenty five hundred completes (representative of the U.S. household population 18+ on age, gender, geographic division, income, household size; household designation and market size) were received.

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